Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fwd: Fw: [ZomiOK] FYI : Free Calling to Japan

Dear NGO Colleagues,

Please see message below.

Due to the crisis in Japan AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have announced free calling to Japan as follows:

AT&T recently announced it has implemented international calling and texting support efforts for U.S. residential wireless and wireline consumers trying to connect with loved ones in Japan, following last week's tragic earthquake and tsunami.

        ·All calls to Japan from US on AT&T mobility are free March 11-31.
        ·60 minutes of calls on AT&T wireline are free March 11-31.
        ·AT&T wireless postpaid customer will not be charged for:
               - International long distance usage from the United States and Puerto Rico to Japan
               - Text messages to Japan, originated from a U.S. Wireless Number......

Verizon recently announced that making calls to Japan is free for most wireless and residential customers through April 10.
Free Wireless Calling

        ·All post-paid customers will receive free calling to Japan from March 11 through April 10.
        ·Additionally, our post-paid customers will receive free text and multimedia messaging to Japan for the same time period.
*Post-paid customers are those who receive a monthly bill from our company.
Additional Measures

        ·All calls made from a Verizon residential landline to Japan will be rated at $0.00 per minute, from March 11 through April 10. Customers with a Verizon World Plan (300, 500 or        
         unlimited minutes of long-distance calling) can call Japan without using any minutes from their time-allotment blocks.
        ·Verizon Prepaid Phone Card charges for all long-distance calls placed to Japan from the United States will also be waived from March 11 until April 10.
        ·We're providing FiOS TV customers who are not subscribed to the channel free access to TV Japan through March 17. The channel location is 1770.

T-Mobile has also announced a similar plan as follows:

        ·T-Mobile USA Waives Call Charges to Japan and Wi-Fi Calling and Text Messaging Charges to and From Japan
        ·T-Mobile USA is enabling phone calls to Japan for postpaid customers without charges for international long distance through March 31, 2011, and retroactive to March 11, 2011.
         T-Mobile postpaid customers can make Wi-Fi calls to and from Japan free of charge through March 31, 2011, and retroactive to March 11, 2011.
        ·Text (SMS) messaging is also free of charge to and from Japan for T-Mobile postpaid customers through March 31, 2011 and retroactive to March 11, 2011.
Ways Customers Can Directly Assist Relief Efforts:
If you are a T-Mobile prepaid or postpaid customer interested in helping immediately, you can text "REDCROSS" to 90999, and your donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts. This donation will be charged to your T-Mobile phone bill, and 100 percent of the donation goes directly to the Red Cross. There is no per-text fee for this service for T-Mobile customers who do not have a messaging plan, nor will the text be deducted from your messaging plan. Similarly, you can send donations via text message to a number of other relief organizations. T-Mobile does not charge for text messages sent to mobile giving campaigns.

Yours Sincerely,

NGO Relations, DPI
United Nations



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