Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ZRA IN DESIGNATED CAMP MUVANLAI HONG (a sim nai lo 1 leh 2 a ding)

Lamka Sept 18, 2010: Government of Manipur theihpihna toh Government of India toh Suspension of Operation(SoO) kithukimna suaikai United People's Front (UPF) sung a pawlkhat Zomi Revolutionary ARmy (ZRA) in Government theihpih designated camp NEW TEIKOT gam a kibawl CAMP MUVANLAI chih a minvuah September 17, 2010 in Brigadier Surendra Mehta, Commander 27 Sector Assam Rifles in hong hi. Hiai CAMP MUVANLAI honna programme ah Rev Stephen Chinzathang, Executive Secretary, ZPCS in Pathian min toh honna thumna nei hi.

ZRO Home Secretary Hang Shyan Thang in hunte makaih a, Calvin in thugenna pawlpi sik letang a nei hi.  Camp Muvanlai a thau koihkhawmna dia kibawl sung ah ZRA a thau te uh koih in double lock ua, hiai hun in mipi tam kuam tak paikhawm uhi.


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